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Jupiter: A new giant impact was seen in its atmosphere

A few weeks ago (see our previous article below), we announced to you the impact of a small body Thursday September 14. A month later, a new object hit the planet!

This new conflict with A. comet Or something Asteroid, Tenth date confirmed Gas giant, Has been Discovered by a team of astronomers led by Ko Arimatzu, From Kyoto University (Japan). The Flash Has been Confirmed by a second observer, the Japanese amateur astronomer “yotsuyubi21”, Who wants to use his nickname Twitter.

The event took place on October 15, 2021 at 1:24:13 pm. UTC S 10V (15 hours 24 minutes 13s Paris time). Arimatzu and his team used a surveillance system called “Poncots” as part of the Oasis project (Autodeloscopes arranged for accidental event study) Their invention. The event occurred in the northern tropics of Jupiter near the southern edge of the northern temperate zone. Latitude + 20 ° north and direction Longitude 201 ° (System II). The flash lasted about 3-4 seconds.

“This is a video of Jupiter flashing on the surface. [le 15 octobre 2021]In the methane band (wavelength 889 Nm). “

Step ‘Europlanet Society, There are an average of 6.5 objects 10 meters in diameter or more that strike Jupiter each year (i.e. larger than those found by entertainers). The September impact did not create anything Scar The visible impact, however, does not seem to have created anything.

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Activists who were photographed or filmed on Thursday during the impact are invited to contact Go Arimatzu, Mark Telcroix Where Ricardo bone To confirm the event. Feel free to inform us too!

Jupiter was struck by an unidentified object on September 14th

ArticleAdrian CoffinetReleased on 19th Septembre 2021

Monday to Tuesday night, September 13, 2021 at 22:39 min 30 s TU (September 14 0:39 min 30 V, Paris time), Brazilian amateur astronomer Jose Luis Pereira Found A new impact on Jupiter. This observation was made by Sao Cadeno do Sul (Sao Paulo State, Brazil), confirmed by at least two other observers: Harold Paleske, Langdorf (Germany), and Jean Paul ArnoldOf the Lorraine Astronomical Society (Salad), In Villey-le-Sec (France). ALS team working at the Astrogyros Laboratory in Saint-Vorone (France) He also recorded it.

Impact of Jupiter.

This cosmic conflict was discovered Incandescent lamp At least she made it The other eight impacts Listed on this planet for the past two decades. In the case of this new impact, the flash is visible for approximately two seconds.

Astronauts who photographed Jupiter during the impact are invited to explore their data. Viewers are encouraged to continue filming the impact in the coming days to see if it comes A dark place Looks like it was produced Impact of fragments of the famous comet Schumacher-Levy 9 in July 1994.

It is very quick to know exactly what kind of object (comet or asteroid) collided with the gas giant, but step, An asteroid a hundred meters long will do the trick .