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Genshin Impact May Your Journey Know No Bounds PlayStation®5 Announcement Trailer

Jensen Impact version 2.1 will be released on September

miHoYo has announced the impact of the new Generation version 2.1. It is titled “The World Glowing by the Moon” and will be released on September 1, 2021.

Update adds recently released Inasuma area Added more content including two big islands, three new playable characters and a dramatic ending to the main story set in this turbulent area. In the meantime, fans and gamers alike will have the opportunity to win numerous rewards and aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn) character for free in a series of seasonal commercials to celebrate the first anniversary of Jenshi’s impact.

Jenshin Impact Version 2.1 Trailer

After the extensions are done Version 2.0 Also, the main story about the traveler, the deity of lightning, the various armed forces and the people of Inasuma will end in version 2.1 of the last chapter of Inasuma’s Arkon mission. As the story progresses, players can view the beautiful, dreamy landscape of the opposition home of Wadatsumi and the uniform of the disaster area surrounded by permanent storms. Area bosses and opponents, such as Hydro-hypostasis, the metaphor of thunder and La Signora, are waiting their turn.

Meanwhile, along with Shogun Rayton and Kokomi’s own works, three characters, Inazuma, Shokan Ryden, Sangonomia Kokomi and Kujo Sara, will be added as new cast. Shogun Rayden with the 5-star figure will provide both damage and helpful bonuses to the troops with power and polarity. Sangonomiya Kokomi, the divine priest of Wattsumi and the leader of the anti-Shokan forces, will be added as another 5-star figure. With hydro-power and a catalyst, she can heal a lot of troop members. Finally Gujo Sara, commander-in-chief of the Tenrio administration loyal to Shogun. She can use her bow to make electric attacks and give bonuses to her troops.

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New Season: Full Moon Dance

Outside of Inasuma, the full moon dance takes place next season. This fall it is time for friends and family in Liu to gather, snack and enjoy local delicacies every fall. During the festival, players will revisit caking and chiangling, try local dishes and recipes, and learn the origins of this ancient tradition in Liu port. Treasure lovers can embark on a massive treasure hunt during the Moonshine Seeker campaign in Liu, Moon City and Transgender, receiving rewards and exchanging useful items and resources, including the brand new 4-star two-handed sword. Luxurious sea king, can refine up to the highest degree. In addition, players can get a lot of resources and up to 10 pieces of knit rule in the new recording ad.

With version 2.1, fishing was also introduced. Players can quickly catch a wide variety of fish throughout Taiwan and get the fish as a raw material or exchange fish from fishing clubs for rods and rewards. With the Spirit Cloud Pool, a new decoration has been added to the Transition Jug system, where players can also feed with ornamental fish in their own space.

Alloy film:

According to version 2.1, the first free 5-star figure will be added as part of Sony’s collaboration: Aloy, “Redeemer from Another World”. Players who have reached Adventure Level 20 are available on PlayStation version 2.1 or version 2.2 on all platforms.

An update to Jenshin Impact version 2.1 with cross-platform support for PlayStation, PC and mobile devices will be released on September 1, 2021. For players on all servers, the possibility of getting double yields will be reset when ranking first with version 2.1. The new version will be available on the PlayStation Store for the PS5 and PS4, on the Google Play and iOS App Store for Android, on the Epic Games Store for the PC, and on the official website of Jenshin Impact.

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