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JBL Charge 5 Portable Speaker Review: Champion of Autonomy discovers a true musical talent

JBL Charge 5 Portable Speaker Review: Champion of Autonomy discovers a true musical talent

As mentioned above, the completely modified acoustic structure of the Charge 5 is the most important evolution compared to the Charge 5. It now includes a longer mid / pass driver like the Flip5. Twitter 2 cm. Two-sided passive bass radiators, visual and technical signature of JBL Bluetooth speakers, are definitely still in the game. Effective equipment, and Charge 5 allows for significant improvements in terms of music.

However, the speaker is firmly anchored in a way that one can call a particular JBL tradition. As always with the manufacturer as always the emphasis is on the spectral width of the rendering, even if it sacrifices a little more precision. This is especially true for bass: their extension, which is true, gives pleasure; But it goes from the inertia of passive radiators to frequencies that are no longer fully controlled. Understand that this results in a slight lack of definition of bass effects, especially in extension intervals – for example, very dry kicks, which can pour a little water. At the other end of the spectrum, the triple peaks are subtly stressed, subtly subtle, but enough to give the sound a serious side, and they are either stimulating, or a little tiring, depending on the sensitivity of each.

But there are not high rates: this charge 5 strikes our ears because of the impressive measurement of the frequency response suggested above, the transparency above all else and the completeness of its restoration. Despite the small critique we were able to address them above, passive radiators show close behavior to the prototype: no parasitic vibration, no overflow, and the transition between low and medium records is ensured with a fluid. The same quality is found on all three sides: contribution Twitter** Dedicated is transparent, and allows the audio message to be very clear and defined.

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This is very surprising because all of this is done without ever compromising on JPL providing its signature. The dynamics are excellent, under the sole condition of not pushing the whole volume, under the penalty of seeing too much attractive compression – but this rarely happens because the power reserve is generous. But the Charge 5 has somehow become more than just a simple “decibel-spinning machine”. The sound integrity it provides, its remarkable natural tone presentation, qualities that its ancestors did not have.

Finally, it should be noted that the speaker only provides monophonic rendering. Because of the small dimensions of a small speaker, we do not move much when we see it A priority Not suitable for solid stereo separation (exceptions only) Sony SRS-XB33 And 43) On the other hand, one may be a little upset by the strong motion of the sound emitter: the balance of recovery is lost very quickly once one deviates from the central axis. It is best to avoid placing it on the coffee table in the center of the room to add sound in the evening.