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Exciting news for WhatsApp users: Now it's really possible!

Exciting news for WhatsApp users: Now it’s really possible!

An exciting message will appear on WhatsApp for all users. In short, in fact, each account can be used on four devices: how to do it.

New functionality of the news app (via Facebook)

Users Share All over the world. Really over 2 billion accounts The ones in use can be used quickly Multiple device functionality Phone not connected. Colossus indeed Menlo Park The smartphone can be used on four different devices simultaneously without being connected to the internet. A novelty that has been awaited for many years, it will finally be tested in the beta of the app.

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Apparently the most secure will not be affected Final to final encryption, Who will protect our messages, multimedia files and calls. Additionally, multiple devices can be accessed by one smartphone at a time. Then users have to register on their own QR code On the devices you want to use the app. So let’s go and see How to implement multi-device functionality Within use.

WhatsApp, comes with many device: How to activate the new tool

WhatsApp function
Innovation in the messaging app (via screenshot)

New Multiple device functionality Ready to land Share. Additionally, access to the new tool shifts from Android to iOS. In fact, both operating systems separate the new functionality within the messaging application. To get the big news instantly, you can start by saying that you need to download the latest update App Store Or from Game Store.

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Turn on multiple device Android You have to go ‘Settings‘, Then’Connected devices‘Finally’ Multi-device beta version‘. You have to come here and tap ‘Participate in the beta version‘, Thus activating the new WhatsApp tool.

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Different talk instead iOS. Of course the path to follow is not completely different, you have to go to get the new functionality ‘Settings‘, Then’Settings‘. Once here you have to tap on ‘Connected Devices’, Multiple Device Beta Version and finally ‘Join Beta Version’.

So finally everything is ready for the historic revolution of WhatsApp, which will soon be able to be used on four devices simultaneously without access to a smartphone.