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Fructose vulnerability due to design defects

Fructose vulnerability due to design defects

Security researcher Matthew Vanhoff has once again discovered the weaknesses of the WLAN. After calling WLAN networks encrypted via WPA2 in 2017 a crack attack, Vanhof now discovered design errors in the WLAN protocol using Fractox.

Frames as gateway to attackers

“Fractox” refers to “fragmentation and aggregation attacks” in which fragmentation and aggregation must be considered separately, but if security gaps are found they come together based on frames. In the so-called aggregation, the frames are integrated and the caption is given to increase the performance on the WLAN network. Precisely this flag represents the gateway for potential attackers because it does not need to be recognized, so changes are possible. Despite the quality of accreditation, it is rarely used.

As a result of this negligence, for example, malicious packets can be passed on once the client has established a connection with a compromised server or the server used for the attack. According to Vanhoff, this enables DNS spoofing, for example, thus modifying connections.

Fragmentation refers to the fragmentation of the frame by which large frames are separated, and cache temporary storage. In the first case, the data may be distorted, although rare conditions are required to do this via a design error. In terms of cache, infiltration of frames handled for the purpose of diversifying data represents a gateway for attackers. Many of the bugs related to the frames mentioned by Vanhoff help to infiltrate foreign links without user interaction.

The situation is difficult to assess

It is difficult to estimate the final size of the affected WLAN devices and sites, as well as the consequences. Design flaws are usually difficult to exploit themselves, but some devices often make it easier for potential attackers due to bugs in operation. During the research, a total of 75 WLAN devices and operating system combinations were tested, which are always vulnerable. However, Vanhoff did not dare to generalize to all WLAN devices around the world.

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A common solution to prevent data leakage in the context of vulnerabilities is to use HTTPS for connection when you come to the Internet. However, this is especially complicated in targeted attacks on devices, for example firewalls. The only thing that helps here is to plug in the weak points by updating the WLAN devices. However, they are rarely well noticed by manufacturers for a long time, so that ultimately different, especially older products can be easily affected.

Vonhof has already developed compatibility patches including security measures in the context of protocol design bug fixes and troubleshooting multiple implementation errors, with additional driver and firmware updates from the manufacturer. Can not be rejected.

Intel and Microsoft have already made improvements

At Intel, upgrades have already been made, and Microsoft closed the gaps under Windows in early March, although there is no clear information on either case. Premature closure of Microsoft holes was due to the originally scheduled release date of the discovered security holes, however, it was postponed at the request of the WiFi alliance.

If you want to learn more about the weak points, you will find the right one Vanhof Scientific Work Find out. One more thing Compressed summary Except Lecture video Eusenics will be available during the conference. Adequate Linux savvy tinkers can use tools to confirm the vulnerability of their own WLAN devices. Among other things, they are in the form of a finished live USB image in one Kitup-barn Find out.

They are: Via

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