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Jade Raymond shared an article against Google, can you confirm this? -

Jade Raymond shared an article against Google, can you confirm this? –

Now everyone knows, Google has decided to close the internal groups Stadia, Its game streaming site. This service only supports third parties. This is sad news that has taken many by surprise, but according to Kotaku’s report there is still an unbelievable truth. Five days before the closure the internal committee was commended for their work. Now, Jade Raymond shared Kotaku’s article: Can this be confirmed?

But let’s start from the beginning. January 27, 2021, or five days before the closure of internal Google Stadia teams, Bill Harrison will write an internal email This is “[Stadia Games and Entertainment] Great progress was made by building a diverse and talented team, creating a strong array of stadia-exclusive games. We will soon confirm the investment plan for the SG & E Strategy, with its release informing the SG & E segment about 2021 and the objectives and key decisions to be achieved. ”

Jade Raymond: Former head of Google Stadia Games

Employees, believing their position, will then receive a closed notice from magazines and users. We do not know if this is true because Google has not commented, and we will not comment on this matter. Now, Jade Raymond has shared Kotaku’s article. Although not writing anything, It is not possible to consider this action as confirmation.

Raymond is definitely not interested in what happened with Google Stadia because you can understand from his farewell message. Finally, we point out that the acquisition of Microsoft Bethesda is one of the reasons behind the recent rumors that Google Stadia will drop the first side.

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