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Five Nights in Freddie - Security Violation: Coming This Year - Kamble Trailer

Five Nights in Freddie – Security Violation: Coming This Year – Kamble Trailer

One of the State of Play titles presented yesterday was the horror game “Five Nights at Freddis: Security Breach”. According to the executive producer, this is by far the most ambitious part of the series.

Find a way

The boy protagonist is Kekori, whom you control at first sight. He was trapped overnight in a pixxaplex where crawling creatures roam. To survive, you need to find a way out of them. If you are found, take your feet off immediately. However, your endurance is low, so you need to proceed with caution.

To distract your enemies, you can tap objects such as paint buckets. You can use Faz Cam to stun them and buy some time. Fazblaster will stun enemies as well. But for this you have to hit in the head, which proves to be difficult.

Your partner is called Freddie Phosphor. During the game, it points out wrinkles, reveals tips and warns of potential dangers.

The Pixxaplex has to be huge, which is why there are countless hideouts and surveillance cameras. In addition, there are machines throughout the building where you can play arcade games.

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The release date is shown at the end of the trailer. “Five Nights at Fredericks: Security Breach” will be released on December 16 this year for PS5 and PS4 only.

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