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"It's the fault of those who dump waste in streams"

“It’s the fault of those who dump waste in streams”

“If the water is a waste bin, the fault lies with the uncivilized citizens.” Biologist Carmelo Israel did not cut short the words and consulted after the publication of the results of an international study, which set a world record for waste in the waters between Sicily and Calabria. The human hand is at the forefront of a real environmental catastrophe, especially among those who begin to dump all kinds of waste into streams. “This has nothing to do with currents – Iskre points out – non-accumulating biodegradable materials are produced in our cities and are not disposed of in appropriate ways. It is an abuse that can cause serious damage to fish fauna and the entire ecosystem. Real jewelry.

The habit of using streams as a landscape is unique to many who came from Messina. In recent months, there have been numerous reports and complaints from the police against those who continue to dump waste in natural areas, such as many waterways from the north to the south. There is still an incident beyond the hard fist of the municipality and the municipal police.

But we also pay for the consequences of these behaviors. “It has been calculated – the expert explains – that every week we consume a credit card amount of plastic with water and food. In recent years the situation has worsened and the animals are clearly affected. Many turtles or sperm whales risk their lives by consuming plastic.”

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