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comune gallarate palazzo borghi municipio

“It’s not Ika’s fault, Kasani is fulfilling his responsibility.”

«The story of the ‘crazy folders’ It would be funny if it weren’t tragic in so many ways, a sign of the mayor’s behavior that we’ve already seen many times in recent years. The mayor who does not have the word ‘responsible’ only if something goes wrong Minor offense to others.

The P.D. Attacks on the story of the tax increase for advertising: on the additional costs of “merchants, exhibitors, small and medium enterprises”, but above all in Kasani’s words Ika liability postponed, Concession for tax collection in Calcutta.

“How many times have we seen it? It’s the fault of the offices. It’s the fault of my councilor. It’s the fault of my political ally. .Resign aside.The increase in rates (as well as other services, for example school rates for certain class users) was formally condemned by the opposition in the city council.

Set up a gallery ad, what happens now?

The same Mayor Kazani He said he was there at the live community on Monday “An obvious problem with the calculation”, “From the ICA he added that he used the wrong parameters,” he added New resolution to fix Wednesday’s “We will execute in council” shot.

The Democrats are making a serious plea: “We propose – to sign this pathetic story of a mayor, signing the increments with one hand, and then, realizing that he hates the people, runs away in fear – to Put the toast on hold for at least the first half of 2021, For all activities most affected by the crisis by reasonable and transparent criteria.

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B.D. Callaire: “Budget for Campaigning”

In City Council We also outlined how the municipality today has the opportunity to meet those who have suffered the worst bites of the crisis, in a much more effective and efficient way than the junk food provided in recent months. It is good that all citizens are reminded of it By 2020 the municipality will not be able to spend about three million on high state and regional revenues And precisely intended to meet the emergency situations triggered by the Govt. Allocate three million to the military junta Funding the work required for the election campaign, Instead he can dispose of it in other ways if he wishes.