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Laura Mail - Nert 4. Life said that Battlefield 6 will only have possible moments in the Dice series

Laura Mail – Nert 4. Life said that Battlefield 6 will only have possible moments in the Dice series

In a recent interview, E.A. Head of Studio Laura Honey Talked about the next one Battlefield 6. E.A. The manager said there will be moments for the game. “Only possible on the battlefield“. An expression used to identify the explosions, freedom, dimensions and interactions that usually characterize a dice shooter.

According to Miel, one of the best elements of the battlefield is their structure Sandbox. In other words, battlefields offer many options, paths and possibilities that can be modified to suit everyone’s view of the game. Elements known as Battlefield 6 so far are also coming back.

Laura Honey.

“It’s the sandbox where Dice has always provided weapons, vehicles and environmental destruction to his players. Then these crazy moments can only happen ‘on the battlefield’. But it depends on these types of emerging athletes.” he said. “So, as you can imagine, the future game will be structured to provoke this kind of situation. So, New methods It will be added to the game experience, created to create an opportunity for players to make a greater impact on their experience. ”

The title of the new wars will be announced on this EA. Spring, Before being released later in the year. The game is a combination of four independent studios created by the largest Battlefield Development Team.

Oscar GabrielsonThe CEO of Dice added, “This is a brave game. It has everything we want about the battlefield. It takes it to the next level. On an epic level. All military battles, crazy and unexpected moments. Destruction that changes the game. Wars with more chaos. All revived with the power of the next gen consoles and PCs. “

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