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Its lists do not include defendants or suspects

Naples – Guidano Manfredi rejects the controversy over the so-called “unrepresented”, i.e., characters who understand judicial issues as suspects or accused persons.

Manfreddy unloads the unrepresented

“Representatives of the lists that are part of the coalition supporting my candidacy for mayor – Keitano contacted Manfredi – They are aware of the essential condition for applying to a municipality or municipalities: the total sharing of principles of transparency and constitutional values. No one who does not always adhere to these values ​​in his political activity can stand by me.

Controversy over the Assyrian list for Naples

PD and 5-star movement candidate Forza were beheaded by Fulvio Martuciello of Italy, who spoke of the lessons he had been expelled from his party. Terrain list Presented by Manfreddy. The controversy is specifically about the list Assurry to Naples, Which collects past members affiliated with right-wing alliances. This time they have moved to the left instead, as far as they are concerned, not because they value Catello Marresca’s candidacy, but because of the quality of the teams surrounding the candidates.

Stanislav Lansotti, the city councilor currently on the Assouri list for Naples and former Metropolitan coordinator of Forza Italy, actually said in recent days: “There is no dispute about the quality of Mareska like Manfredi. The difference is made by the teams and someone around Manfredi is sailing in the same direction..

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