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Consulter un médecin avec son téléphone, c

It’s easy to see a doctor using your phone!

Telephone consulting has grown in 2020 with the development of the Govit-19 epidemic. Rather than a temporary alternative, telecommunications has become a real way for many patients to consult quickly.

This avoids waiting too long when making appointments. In addition, telecommunications often prevent hospitals from closing. good news? This advice is now easily accessible to everyone.

How to consult a doctor with his phone?
As we all know the current health environment is sometimes difficult to be physically in a doctor’s office. Fortunately, nowadays, with the development of technologies, we can ignore traditional advice. You must have a phone or smartphone to be diagnosed.

Note that remote consulting is not always available and can only involve a simple phone call. In fact, it is now possible to access a doctor online via video conference via a medical diagnostic site. You need to download and install the app on your mobile to use these services.

These online consulting applications like are compatible with most current phones. To download them, go to the app stores where you can download them for free.

Benefits of remote medical consultation
A real revolution in the medical landscape, remote consulting has many benefits. Since 2018, teleconsultation has made it easier to establish a clinical diagnosis A doctor online .

Despite the technical aspect, man is always at the center of the experience. In fact, through video conferencing, the doctor and his patient can talk as if they were in an office.

But telemedicine counseling also has other benefits. For example, for patients with low mobility, it is possible to access a doctor without traveling! This counseling system is convenient for people who live far away from doctors – in the famous “nearby medical deserts without doctors”.

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Finally, for employees, remote counseling can help them avoid coming to treatment. With the possibility of contacting a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this maintenance method is very practical.

Remote medical advice is compensable
From the infection crisis, the French have been encouraged to approach a doctor online. To promote this measure, telecommunications will be 100% covered by health insurance until 2022. The government’s aim is to facilitate access to telemedicine, especially if access to care is difficult.

The move also aims to ask health professionals to equip themselves with telecommunications equipment. In particular, invest in remote billing and payment tools needed to practice this maintenance method.