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It is official, one of the two consoles often crushes the other

It is official, one of the two consoles often crushes the other

In November 2020, Sony and Microsoft began marketing their new consoles: La PlayStation 5 and La Xbox Series X.. Although we do not yet have official statistics on sales of these next gen consoles, one analytical company has released sales of each company, and we can say that one console will often beat the other!

Sony vs Microsoft: Who will win the competition at the beginning of 2021?

In fact, it was Ampere Analytics that submitted the report PS5 and Xbox Series X sales. According to the analytical firm, in the first quarter of 2021 and worldwide, Sony has sold 2.83 million consoles. In parallel, Microsoft sold about 1.31 million units of its Xbox Series X / S over the same period. If this data is considered true, it means this Sony Microsoft will have doubled its sales and exploded compared to its rival in early 2021!

We have to admit that this is not surprising. In fact, since the introduction of the PS5, The Japanese company has announced that it has sold 7.8 million units, Slightly more than its younger sister PS4, which sold 7.4 million copies during the same period. Also, many companies agree with that Sony’s PS5 is the fastest selling console in history ! So, it’s no surprise that Sony is crushing Microsoft in early 2021.

A big advantage but not necessarily a leader

On the other hand, if Sony has a bigger lead than its rival Microsoft, the Japanese company is not at the forefront of console sales. In fact, The first console manufacturer is currently none other than Nintendo with Switch And when it comes to selling the hybrid console to the PS5 in Q1 2021, Sony seems to be a little gamer! Nintendo has already sold 5.86 million switches worldwide, more than double the PS5 size. !

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