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Scarlet Nexus Demo Now Xbox |  Available for download on Xbox One

The Scarlett Nexus demo is now available for Xbox One | Xbox One

As the release of the Scarlet Nexus is fast approaching, Bandai Namco has released a demo of the game so that gamers can make up their minds until its release in June. Here is all the information about the demo in addition to our preview of the game after spending four hours with him.

Update: Demo is now officially available everywhere!

Download the demo

Date available for the Scarlett Nexus demo

The Scarlett Nexus demo is available a week earlier than the Xbox on PlayStation.

  • Xbox Series X on May 21, 2021 Available in S and Xbox One
  • The PS5 and PS4 will be available on May 28, 2021

Download the demo

Content of the demo

The Scarlett Nexus demo invites us to find two protagonists, Yuto Sumeraki and Kazen Randall, until a big fight. Using their psychology and other special powers the story can be fought and lived through with exponential cuts.

Yuito fights with short-range attacks with swords. In the demo, players can use the powers of their team members Hanabi, Luca, Sukumi and Gemma to use Pyrogenesis, Teleportation, Clivoines and Sclerogenesis.

For his part, Kazen specializes in attacks with medium-range flying knives. In the demo, players can borrow powers from their team members Shiden, Arashi, Kakaro and Kyoka. They can then be used for electrokinesis, hypervelocity, invisibility and duplication.

If you have created storage data for the demo version of the Scarlet Nexus, the following makeup accessories and items will be available when you play the entire game:

  • Bunny Ear Mask (Head) [White] To Yuito
  • OSF Standard Release Package [Black] To Kasane
  • Plugin: ோர் Forcefield: MKII »Pour Uto
  • Plugin: «Power Upgrade: MK II ற்ற Pour the cassava
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