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Issued a call for 168 permanent terms

Issued a call for 168 permanent terms

The first call for a contest to rent out the resources to be allocated to the testing office is ongoing.

In the Official Gazette of the Republic – 4th Special Series, Competitions and Elections n. 6 July 2021 53, a competition based on qualifications and written test was released The Recruitment of the first group of one hundred and thirty Officers of vario profilo, area III, Fascia Salary F1, e of Thirty-eight Information Technology Assistants, Part II, Fascia Salary F2, a Time Full Thirty months, undecided Renewable, Per Support for lines of Project of Ability Of Administrative Justice (Download the announcement below).

Seats are divided as follows:

  • One hundred and twenty executive officers, Part III, pay bracket F1 (competition code “GA100”);
  • Seven IT officers, Part III, F1 pay bracket (competition code “GA200”);
  • Three statistical officers, Part III, F1 pay bracket (competition code “GA300”);
  • Thirty-eight IT Assistants, Part II, Salary Bracket F2 (Competition Code «GA400).

One hundred and twenty executive officers will serve on the State Council and the regional administrative courts of Lazio, Lombardy, Veneto, Campania and Sicily.

Holders of Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the member states of the European Union may enjoy civil and political rights and qualify for the post to be filled. In particular, those with one of the following qualifications can access the selection, depending on the profile of the executive officer:

  • First-degree degree in legal service science, political science, economics and business management, economics, and management science;
  • Masters in Law, Economics, Business Economics, Public Administration Science, International Relations, Political Science;
  • As of July 9, 2009, bachelor’s degree (DL), or special degree (LS) or master’s degree (LM) in one of the above degree classes.
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Applications should not be sent later than 5.00 pm on the thirtieth day following the date Publishing this notice in the Official Gazette, or Not after August 5th.

After registering with the Public Digital Identification System (SPID), applicants can send the application only through the corporate website of the Administrative Justice.

Those who wish to participate in the examination will have to reimburse the expenses related to the organization and completion of the competition 00 10.00 Contribution Postal Current Account No. 37142015 Bank of Italy – In the name of the Treasury State Headquarters – State Council Revenue e Court Regional Administration Office Balance Or By Exchange IBAN IT97L0760103200000037142015 With Fixed-term contribution of no causal symptom. 168 units “.

The Preliminary testing Is replaced by Evaluation of qualifications.

With regard to the administrative profile, the following will be evaluated: eligibility for admission to the competition, additional university or post-university qualifications in the fields related to the official profile, professional qualifications in the disciplinary disciplines related to the profile, successful completion of the internship in judicial offices under Section 73 of the Act of 21 June 2013, n. 69, with changes and amendments, by law 9 August 2013, n. 98.

If the required qualification for admission to the competition is achieved, the mark allotted for the standard obtained at the end of the course will be doubled. Not after seven years from the deadline In order to submit an application to participate in the recruitment process.

To read Summary table Among the scores attributed to the assessable qualifications.

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Only those with a 21/30 score can access the single-character test, and the score will be added to the number of available places five times per profile. If the number of candidates with a minimum score of 21/30 is five times less than the number of seats available for each profile, the number is equal to five times the number of seats available for each profile.

The mark (maximum of 30 marks) determined by the qualification will be added to the mark given in the written examination.

According to the executive officer profile, candidates who have access to the written test must sit on a piece of paper with two answers (one in substantial administrative law and one in practical administrative law).

You have public employment

To prepare for the exam you can download:

Integrated Law on Public Employment 2021
Updated to the latest law

The written tests will take place from Monday, October 11, according to the following schedule:

  • Monday, October 11, from 8.00 am, for the procedures administered by the Commission for the Offices of the Rome Inquiry (State Council and the Regional Court of Lazio), and for procedures administered by the same Commission, in relation to the profiles of the Information Technology Officer and the Government Employee Statistics;
  • Commission for the Office of Inquiry of the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court, Monday, October 11, from 3.00 pm, into practice administered by the Milan Office;
  • Tuesday, October 12, from 8.00 am, for the procedure administered by the Office of the Court of Inquiry of the Campania Regional Executive Court, Naples;
  • Tuesday, October 12, from 3.00 pm, for the procedure administered by the Commission of the Salerno Division of the Commission for the Testing Office of the Campania Regional Administrative Court;
  • Wednesday, October 13, from 8.00 am, the Commission for the Office of Inquiry into the Sicilian Regional Administrative Court into practice, administered by the Palermo Office;
  • Commission for the Office of Inquiry into the Sicily Regional Administrative Court, Wednesday, October 13, from 3.00 pm, into the practice administered by the Catania Division;
  • Thursday, October 14, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., administered by the Commission for the Inquiry Office of the Veneto Regional Administrative Court.
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General Secretary for Administrative Justice – Competition >> Download PDF Text

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