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ISS: Thomas Baskett is about to leave space, and we'll explain why

ISS: Thomas Baskett is about to leave space, and we’ll explain why

This is his first “extra vehicle” voyage since he arrived for his alpha mission on the ISS ship on April 23rd.

Thomas Baskett is defining himself. He will be able to escape a few minutes from the International Space Station (ISS) 388 m3 living space he has been on since April 23rd. ISS from two new solar panels. They will be installed by French astronaut, American Shane Kimbero.

Two trips of 6.30pm each

The two will make two space missions on Wednesday and Sunday for the mission. “Each of them should last about 6.30 hours,” NASA said in a statement.

Orbiting the Earth at an altitude maintained at 330 to 420 km, ISS ensures its power distribution depending on its eight solar panels. With a total area of ​​2,500 m², they are currently capable of generating up to 160 kilowatts of electricity per orbital day, half of which is stored in the station’s batteries for use when the station is no longer there. Exposed to the sun.

Increase the solar power generation capacity of ISS

These eight panels work well, but their lifespan is coming to an end.

Two new panels to be installed – the ones provided by Boeing and the portable special, were shipped to ISS on June 5 by SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship. It is six meters wide and 19 meters long.

Thomas Pesket and Shane Kimbero are currently installing six of the eight solar panels in front of them.. An additional value of this value is expected as the power generation capacity of the ISS should benefit from 20 to 30% extra power and the maximum output capacity should go from 160 kW to 215. With these two new panels, the space station is guaranteed to have energy until 2030.

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It took a year to prepare for next week’s 2 spaceflight ud83d udc68‍ ud83d ude80 ud83d udc68‍ ud83d ude80. These types of non-standard functions involve very different areas and high integration. Thanks to those who made our travels possible!

– Thomas Basket (hThom_astro) June 8, 2021

“Incredible Feelings”

“Shane and I work in our space suits, and then my space suite takes up much needed space. Space suits work hard too, you know!” The star astronaut tweeted, showing photos of his spacecraft.

We are constantly preparing space routes @astro_kimbrough. This week we are mainly working on vets.
Shane and I work in our space suites, and then my space suite takes a decent break. The gaps you know also work hard!

– Thomas Basket (hThom_astro) June 10, 2021

Through this mission, Thomas Baskett will enjoy his third and fourth space missions. Between November 2016 and June 2017, he undertook the first two missions during his first voyage on the ISS, with Shane Kimbero already on board, already having six additional vehicle trips on the clock.