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Is the switch too hot in the summer? Nintendo says to use vacuum cleaner –

Everyone loves summer (or almost), but this is definitely not the favorite season of consoles. Our gaming machines produce a considerable amount of heat and being in a hot room does not help them. In Japan, it is very humid during this period, so risk High heat This is serious even for a small console Nintendo Switch. How to solve? Advises to use official assistance Vacuum cleaning.

L account Twitter Nintendo’s Japanese customer service officer has actually released a series of instructions translated into English by Duel Shockers. The title reads the following words: “If you use your Nintendo Switch in a hot environment, the console temperature may rise. You must play between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. Also, if the air vents are blocked, the console temperature may rise. Be careful not to block them.”

“If your Nintendo switch gets too hot, it will go inside automatically Sleep pattern As a precautionary measure. If you are playing in TV mode, please place the dock so as not to create heat easily. If foreign objects such as dust enter the air holes, remove them with a vacuum cleaner. For security reasons, do not attempt to disassemble the console. ”

This is a very simple and understandable tip, however some classic home vacuum cleaners may not be suitable for the job. In any case, always pay attention Air vents Also make sure they are not obstructed. Retiring from your Nintendo Switch during very long gaming sessions is often a good solution to prevent any risk.

Always talking about the switch, we point out that the Nintendo Switch Online offers a new surprise-free game with today’s update.

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