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Telegram 7.2 adds new tricks and treats for Halloween (APK download)

Telegram 7.2 adds new tricks and treats for Halloween (APK download)

Telegram released a major update last month, adding search filters, channel responses and more. It’s almost Halloween now, but that doesn’t mean the team is retiring. With today’s release of version 7.2, the popular Messenger app gets enhancements for backlinks, location sharing, seasonal animated emojis and more.

Many messages can now be pinned, bouncing between them by tapping the top bar. There is also a new button to view everything at once. In an action that should also be appreciated, not only channels and groups, but also post messages are available to chat with each other.

Location sharing updates are also live on this version. Now when friends choose to share their live location, you can set an alert as they get closer so you don’t have to stick your eyes on your phone. Additionally, the icons on the live location map will now show you which direction the two are facing.

There have been several improvements to this update. When you send multiple songs at once, they are grouped together into a playlist, making it easy to listen to, move on, and comment. Opening one of the songs sorts them all using the app’s built-in media player. When multiple files are sent together, they are now displayed in a chat bubble – however the files can be selected and viewed separately. For channel managers, there are new stats in personal posts in which public channel posts are sent.

Last month’s update improved the animations on Android, and this trend continues. Sending messages and changing songs on the music player is now the best thanks to the smooth animations. To make the meme making process a little easier, you can quickly edit and send the sent photo without having to download and re-upload it.

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Finally, the Telegram team is coming into the spirit of October with new animated emojis perfect for Halloween. From creeping creeping spiders to empty coffins, these are ready to scare a smile from anyone.

This year Halloween may be more alien than natural, but these new emoji animations should help make the day more festive – other features are a welcome addition to any day of the year. Telegram 7.2 must now be released via the Play Store update, or you can download it APK Mirror.