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IPod Pro M1 iPods updates can be downloaded on 5G

IPod Pro M1 iPods updates can be downloaded on 5G

The iPod Pro M1 goes on sale on Friday, and iPodos updates can be downloaded on 5G as well as the iPhone 12. Apple refers to a support sheet His site.

Until now, Apple has required its users to connect to Wi-Fi to download a software update. It is true that this situation will make you laugh, knowing that 4G allows very good speeds. Additionally, with unlimited plans with some operators (most convenient data envelopes included)Like free mobile in France).

To download the iPados update from your iPod Pro M1 to 5G, go to Settings> Cellular Data> Options and select the option “Allow more data on 5G networks”. When this is done, you can download updates without WiFi on the tablet.

Note that this option offers other benefits. Apple explains that it allows the best quality of video calls, Fast TV, movies and series from the Apple TV app, and music and videos provided by Apple Music. This allows apps from the App Store to use more data to deliver a better experience.

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