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Shivalari 2 release date and beta for PC and console - Live 4.Life

Shivalari 2 release date and beta for PC and console – Live 4.Life

Sivalari2, The medieval multiplayer action video game created by Banner Studios, unexpectedly reappearsEpic Game Store Showcase. Development Studio has announced the release date of the game, although nothing new will be shown: June 8, 2021. Those who want to try this move ahead of time can try to enter the closed beta which will take place from March 26th to 29th. Beta will be used to test cross-site with consoles.

A This address You can sign up for the beta and see all the details of Shivalari 2.

Like we said, Sivalari 2 will also come on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One, and there will be crossover. It is an online multiplayer game in which we play the role of a medieval warrior against the opposing faction. This is a kind of middle ground between Call of Duty and For Honor, in which you have to choose a class and equipment and fight enemies.

The first game was one of the first online hits, despite the many technical limitations, the experience was very consistent and like the performance netcode. This sequence promises to improve throughout the game from basic dynamics to graphics. The beta, which will be closed from March 26-29, will also help improve these aspects of the game.

After being postponed to 2021, we now know that Shivalari 2 will be coming to the epic game store and consoles on June 8, 2021. What do you think?