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Amazon Prime, Big Changes in Service: What’s Happening

There is a big news coming with Amazon Prime. The announcement came from e-commerce in recent days

There are some changes that affect Amazon Prime service (via Amazon)

Expansion work by Amazon Keep going. The world’s leading company about e-commerce can now boast of many services: Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Now And so on. However, soon one of these may deliberately drop the offer package.

We are talking Amazon Prime Now, A service dedicated to subscriber customers, allowing you to take advantage of high-speed and one-day deliveries. The greatest benefits offered to customers today are exclusively relevant Big cities and metropolitan areas Worldwide, but may change soon. This was explained by The Verge, which explored Jeff Bezos’ company strategy Will want to accept in the next few years.

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Amazon bids farewell to Prime Now: What changes here

Amazon Prime Day 2020
Prime Now will disappear in the US, which will be directly connected to the main service (Photo: Getty)

Amazon users should say goodbye soon For the much-loved Prime Now service, Which allows you to use one-day deliveries. However, this news does not directly affect Jeff Bezos’ company offer, because the idea Completely rearrange the web structure of the site. As The Verge describes it, Prime Now seems to be coming soon Connected to standard service.

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A few hours after the release, it was further clarified that this mainly affects non-American customers:This change will not take effect in other parts of the world. Users can – at least for now – continue to use the benefits of Prime Now.

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