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iPhone: découvrez l’application la plus téléchargée sur l’App Store !

iPhone: Find the most downloaded app in the App Store!

A survey revealed the number 1 application in the iPhone App Store. Find out the rankings quickly in the rest of the article!

Sensor Towel has released its ranking of apps on the iPhone App Store. And surprise! A new app Beating only Facebook and WhatsApp In the first quarter of 2022. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The number 1 app on the iPhone

iPhone users have the option to download Thousands of apps thanks to the App Store. Games, social networks, software… The platform offers a variety of apps to enhance our smartphone experience.

Over the years, some applications have changed like this Essential all over the world. This is the case with Facebook or Instagram, which are now a part of our daily lives.

Social networks work well in the App Store. By the way, a new social platform is coming Break all records On the iPhone.

Sensor Tower researches the ranking of apps in the world. The latter has just been revealed Top 3 most popular apps In the first quarter of 2022.

And surprise! First place is TikTok Displaces all its competitors. It must be said that the social networking site is a hit all over the world.

TikTok is now an app Most downloaded between April and June in the App Store. It pits itself against Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp.

platform Attracts more and more users of the iPhone. Indeed, the success of TikTok and its influencers is hard to miss.

iPhone: Find the most downloaded app in the App Store!

An app from the App Store at the center of the debate

TikTok is almost here now 3 billion users. That’s almost half of humanity. Its success will no longer be proven!

Nevertheless, the stage is there He has been under fire for months. In fact, the latter is often controversial on the Internet.

According to the US government, the app will be too A great tracking tool. This will allow us to collect our data on the iPhone. A bad buzz, and therefore risks costing the social network a lot.

But that’s not all! TikTok users are also seeing other controversies on the network. The reason? The Many challenges are sometimes very dangerous For the youngest.

In a few months, TikTok Saw dozens of births Deadly challenges. This is the “blackout challenge” that killed 82 children in the US. A number that sends shivers down your spine.

There are many other trends as well Bad for mental health Teenagers. This is why Tik Tok continues to spark debates on the Internet.

Also, many families File a complaint against the platform. The most popular app on the iPhone knows many limitations!

So the future of TikTok remains very uncertain. In fact, the application will continue Stand out in the App Store ? Or will he be exposed to all these controversies? A case to be pursued!

A popular app is at risk of being taken down by its competitors. effect, Messenger, Google Maps or Cape Cut Also ranked among the best apps according to SensorTowel.

Whether iPhone users will come to the end remains to be seen Get tired of TikTok Or if the app becomes the new number 1 social network in the world! What do you think?