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One year later, what was the strange RPG value of the CD Projekt?

However, within a year, CDProjekt did not turn a deaf ear: after the release period, apology and refund, the studio began to adjust its gameplay. Repaired Six months later, in June 2021, the title was enough to push Sony to remove the game from its store, as the title on the consoles was simply devastating.

Today, the atmosphere is conducive to this game. ” Out of the question of giving up ¬ĽAccording to Adam Kisinsky, CEO of CD Project RED? Yes and no.

For this article, we restarted the game on the PS4 Pro … and, even after the tremendous summer connection, we found the experience to be very painful. Framerate is still struggling – less so than before, though – and the game is still not technically equal. On PlayStation 5 On the other hand, the next gen patch for this year, although initially promised and then postponed indefinitely, the test is much better.

However, we would advise you to keep it Cyberpunk 2077 Under the Tree of your Favorite Next Gen Consoles? Certainly not, thoughUpdate Is expected to be free. It should also be noted that a new version will be marketed for this occasion so that prices will definitely go up excluding advertising.

In fact, if you buy Cyberpunk 2077 In consoles today, you are betting on the future above all else. Enable caption now on PS5 or Xbox Series This is not a bad experience, but the forward thinking attitude of the game will suffer from lingering technical issues.

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