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Citizen Evil 4 remake changes hands and direction

Citizen Evil 4 remake changes hands and direction

The remake, according to VGC, has its own sources close to development, and will be launched in 2018, very close to Capcom, at Osaka M-Doo’s studio, because it was created by Tatsuya, the former boss of Platinum Games. The company was instrumental in producing the remake Citizen Evil3, Released last year.

However, according to several witnesses, M-Doo was involved in the development of the remake Citizen Evil4 It will be largely reduced following a meeting at the end of 2020 to assess the progress of the project. Capcom doesn’t really see the desire of the Minami herd to stick as much as possible to the original work; The latter would have actually been marked by player criticism rather than cuts in the comeback Citizen Evil3 So like to avoid a new sling. The publisher wants a free reuse, certainly inspired by the original, but with its own reinterpretation Features, History and contexts.

The publisher would therefore have chosen to place control of the project in the hands of its Section 1, the internal committee already in charge of the games. Citizen Evil And Devil May cry. The latter will be partially restarted and targeted to exit by 2023.

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