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IPhone 14: Larger screens and better photos only

IPhone 14: Larger screens and better photos only

Analyst Ming-Chi Guo says Apple may shake up the diagonal for 2022 models in its iPhone lineup, he also talks about improvements in the photo segment.

The “iPhone 14” comes with the same design as the iPhone 12 Mini and its 5.4 “screen with entry-level 6.1” in both models and both models in the 6.7 “top range.

We currently have 5.4 “(12 mini), 6.1” (iPhone 12 and 12 Pro) and 6.7 “(12 Pro Max).

This gear shift tends to ensure that the 12 mini is in shape Did not achieve the expected success (When Those who chose it Love it). There is one Permanent reduction In this small family of 60 of. Earlier reports from the same Ming-Ci Guo, however, indicate that the Mini will be updated – one last time? – Within the next iPhone 13.

With regard to photography in these future models, the researcher expects significant improvement in the produced images.

Between the iPhone 12 and the next 13 and 14, the pixel size will range from 1.7 microns to 2 microns to 1.25 microns. This iPhone 14 can produce images at 48 MPX and 12 MPX simultaneously (by creating a composite of four pixels). In the second case it is equivalent to raising the pixel size to 2.5 microns, Guo hopes for a significant improvement over the competition.

On the video page, Apple will add 8K recording, which is currently found on some Android devices. This enhanced performance for photo and video will also help enhance the experience of zoomed / mixed reality applications.

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By 2023 – iPhone 15 – Ming-Xi Guo re-emphasizes Apple Wants to use A periscope lens, which can operate through the face ID screen, with the potential benefit of removing the visual impression created by the apex (in this case, read more Ming-Ci Quo: 120 Hz for the iPhone 13 Pro and an iPhone SE for 5G in early 2022.).