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IPhone 13: These 3 new camera functions will be provided by Apple phones

IPhone 13: Apple cell phone must play calls without cellular reception

Apple iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S (2021)

Communicate on the phone without a cellular network? The iPhone 13 should make this possible. Rumor has it that Apple is turning its new cell phone into a satellite phone.

The iPhone 13 will appear in new colors including black. (Source: Screenshot YouTube EAP)

  • A new chip on the iPhone 13 will make a direct connection with the satellites.
  • It can make calls without cell phone reception.
  • This technology will become standard in the future.

That IPhone 13 According to reliable researcher Ming-Ci Guo, LEO can make connections with so-called satellites. This means that in the future you can send calls and text messages without cell phone reception.

As Macromers Quoting Quo, a modified version of the Qualcomm X60 chip will be used in the new Apple cell phone.

IPhone 13: Renderbuilder

The technology should be compared to Starlink technology from SpaceX. There is direct connection with their own satellites via antennas, which enables better reception and the user is no longer dependent on the service areas of the mobile phone provider.

Collaboration with Globalstar?

According to the report, Apple will work with the Globalstar provider instead of building its own satellite network. You can book a satellite phone with your mobile operator. The researcher also believes that this technology will have an impact similar to 5G in the future. According to him, this will lead to other Apple products in the future.

It remains to be seen whether this functionality will actually be used in the new iPhone generation. It is questionable whether the new feature will be available in Germany later.

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