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iOS 15 and iPados 15 wallpapers (and Carplay!)

iOS 15 and iPados 15 wallpapers (and Carplay!)

On June 7, 2021, Apple unveiled the veil on the next versions of iOS and iPadOS: iOS 15 And IPod 15. Following the announcement, the first trial version for both OS was released. This is an opportunity to remove new wallpapers featuring California company. Here’s how they are, below, how to retrieve them to enjoy them on your iPhone or iPod:

Version iOS sombre © Apple

Clear iOS 15 wallpaper

Version iOS Clary © Apple

Clear iPadOS 15 wallpaper

Version iPados Clary © Apple

Dark iPados 15 Wallpaper

Version iPadOS sombre © Apple

How to download these wallpapers?

  • From an iPhone or iPod, press one of the following links:
  • Long press “Add to Photos” before selecting
  • Navigate to the Photos app on the desired wallpaper
  • Press the “Share” icon
  • Select “Use as wallpaper”

And in Carplay?

With iPados and iOS 15, there are only two new wallpapers, and according to Carplay, Apple is very generous. In fact, the California company is offering 8 new wallpapers for Carplay on iOS 15, always in the same “lava light” style.

Carplay iOS 15 Wallpapers

Carplay iOS 15 Wallpapers © Apple

To download these Carplay Wallpapers, go to Here. The bundle can be downloaded as a zip file or you can download each image one by one if you wish.

Finally, Can be found here All of our articles for the new iPhone, iPod and Mac wallpapers include the following:

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