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iOS 15.4 allows you to download updates on 4G

iOS 15.4 allows you to download updates on 4G

iOS 15.4 continues to enable downloading system updates over cellular networks. Until then, this opportunity was reserved for devices associated with 5G equipped and compatible packaging. Like many of you, we are It said And as we have seen on many editorial devices iOS 15.4 Beta now offers to enable it even if you have 4G.

This 2018 iPad Pro has a 4G cellular chip, but iPadOS 15.4 allows me to download updates on the cellular network.

When you open the Updates section in Settings, you will see a dialog box that allows you to enable downloads by cellular or only on WiFi while you are currently on WiFi. You choose this last option and nothing will change in comparison. IOS will wait for the device to connect to the Wi-Fi network to begin the download.

If you enable cellular downloads, you should confirm each update with an additional dialog. Apple activates the alert card and reminds you that downloading the iOS update will empty the cellular program. If your plan is light, think twice before downloading 700 MB for iOS 15.4 Beta 3 and before downloading multiple programs for major updates.

I accepted the download of iOS updates on Cellular and this dialog asks me to confirm the functionality every time.

I do not see any particular option in the third beta of iOS 15.4 for this innovation. In cellular data systems, data mode has the “default” option, which allows only automatic app updates over the cellular network. This may be an oversight in the current version, but another hypothesis is that this innovation is a bug and Apple does not want to download updates on 4G. Let’s see if the next beta still allows you …