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iOS 14.7.1 Disables the cellular network on some phones

iOS 14.7.1 Disables the cellular network on some phones

Apple a Effect A little surprise slipped in iOS 14.7.1, which was distributed a month ago: for a few unfortunate users, this minor update disables the iPhone’s cellular network, a priority without the possibility of troubleshooting.

You are starting to be a few of your own Complaint This bug in our forums and you are not alone, Also noted 9 to 5 Mac. Worse, a Thread Apple also reported problems with Face ID, camera and Flash in forums.

An iPhone in recovery mode. Apple Image.

Affected users usually describe the same problem: the iPhone no longer receives any network and the solutions suggested by Apple do not work (network activation and deactivation, restart the phone, remove the SIM card, etc.). Even a full phone recovery cannot restore the cellular network. If this is the case then maybe Apple should contact us to ask for a replacement.

Aside from the fact that we believe this error is rare, keep in mind that iOS 14.7.1 mainly contains a fix for a bug that prevents the iPhone from having a touch ID to automatically unlock Apple Watch. And it’s possible that Apple will provide iOS 14.8 In the coming weeks.

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