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INWIT, Diversity and Addition Policy Approved. Download the document

INWIT, Diversity and Addition Policy Approved. Download the document

The meeting approving the half-yearly report is scheduled for July 29. CEO Giovanni Ferico: ‘With the approval of the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we have embarked on an active path to overcome any discrimination’.

Board of Directors Infrastructure Wireless Italian Spa (INWIT), Chaired by Emanuel Tornan today (yesterday edition), approved the change to the calendar of corporate events 2021, announced on 10 December 2020 and approved the policy Diversity and content.

The Board of Directors decided to present a meeting called on 20 June 2021 to approve the half yearly financial statement, originally scheduled for 4 August to 29 July 2021. The conference call with the Board of Directors Down 29 Analysts and Investors for 29 July 2021 has been confirmed.

The Board of Directors approved the policy Diversity and content, That Fostering diversity, fostering a corporate culture aimed at overcoming all forms of discrimination and historical-cultural prejudices, transforming the workplace into an inclusive and pluralistic environment that is open to the contributions of all and can welcome and appreciate any diversity. The objectives of the policy are to promote comparison and pollution of different ideas and sensitivities, thus creating value in the workplace from exchange, recognizing each other’s talents and attitudes and providing equal opportunities for development for all. Professional.

The Board of Directors approved the changes to the Privileged Information Practice Internal handling, In accordance with existing and current law Best practices In order to rationalize the process with the aim of incorporating and improving the department, internal organizational changes.

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