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Super Nintendo World - Mario Kart

Super Nintendo World – Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge can be constantly updated with new content – ntower

The first major Nintendo theme park Super Nintendo World Universal Studios in Osaka officially opened a few weeks ago as part of Japan (We reported). Likely to be the main attraction Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge, A AR experience In the world of Mario Kart. Now executives at Universal Creatives have talked about Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge. Development a Game Machine Used and gravity even tested from the US and comments sent to Japan. What a wonderful thing about it Changes via new content or links Gravity can add – too Special events Teased:


Mario Kart: Since Cuba’s challenge was created with a game engine, we can constantly update, upgrade, add new characters, change the background and change the content at any time. So if there is a special event, we can easily change and publish things overnight if we want. It makes everything very flexible and creates a new experience. Every time visitors come back to the park, they can experience something new and exciting.

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Will you visit Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge once you get the chance to travel to Osaka?

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