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NVIDIA GTX 1630 : un lancement le 31 mai

Introducing May 31st?

We were just talking yesterday about the fact that Nvidia May introduce its new graphics card GeForce GTX1630. This card aims to provide the chameleon’s best presence in the entry level field. In fact, if you are looking for a cheaper card, the AMD RX 6400 is very interesting. Today, we learn it from VideoCardz through our colleagues This GTX 1630 will see the light of day on May 31st. But we will learn more about its technical properties.

We now have the technical specifications of the GTX 1630 from NVIDIA

Therefore, the Nvidia GTX 1630 is based on the Touring GPU TU117-150 Engraved at 12 nm and has different specifications from the GTX 1650 with its TU117-300 GPU. It is rated as having fewer cores and reduced bus. So, expect to see 512 CUDA cores, Which is only half the capacity of the TU117 GPU. As for the bus, we will inevitably pass by 64 bit Since the GPU can go up to a maximum of 128 bits. On the other hand, if these specifications are low compared to the GTX 1650, the frequencies may increase slightly. In fact, we are talking1800 MHz speedFor everything A TDP would be at 75W Due to the frequency despite other downgraded specifications.

As for the memory configuration, we can count on it 4GB GDTR6 Running at speed 12 Gbps. Therefore, the The maximum theoretical bandwidth is 96 GB / s. In comparison, the bandwidth on the GTX 1650 is 128 GB / s. As we said above, VideoCardz states that NVIDIA has set a release date. May 31. In the very short term, there will be more performance leaks in the coming days.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16 Series
GTX-1630 GTX-1650
GDDR6 TU116 / TU106
GPUs TU117-150 TU117-300 TU117-300 TU116-150 / TU106-125
CUDA Course
Boost clock
Memory clock
Memory bus

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