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IFIP 2021 Activity Report (Download)

IFIP 2021 Activity Report (Download)

Agro- and agro-industrial technology companies play a key role in technological research and the ecosystem. Innovation in agriculture and agricultural food. They play an important role Offer functional solutions Improve their competitiveness for farmers, sectors, companies and ensure our agricultural and food sovereignty.

True to herResearch-innovation-training-development, Ifip focuses specifically on dissemination and exchange.Rt of knowledge created to strengthen the impact of its work.

Despite the highly uncertain environment, 2021 was a rich year with many articles on the Internet or national journals, themed webinars, allowing the results of our work to spread to a wider audience. The news was widely circulated on our website and on LinkedIn with more visits. More than 8,000 hours of face-to-face training has been provided and our digital training has become a growing success, with nearly 4,000 learners already accessing our e-learning platform.

This Annual Activity Report allows you to quantify, in part, the extent of our contributions to this cause. Pass on our knowledge.

Paul Afray, President of IFIP And Stephen GOUAULT, Managing Director of IFIP

Download the interactive PDF

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