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Donkey is never Mario’s enemy

Many Nintendo fans are misinformed about the relationship between Mario and Tonking.

Mario and Donkey Kong are two of Nintendo’s best characters. The first has become a symbol of the brand, the second is that the oldest hero created by Nintendo is still in operation. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Donking. Many do not remember this, but Mario was actually the first Danking’s opponent, Jumpman.

The first donkey of the name is Kong. Credit: Nintendo

Mario, incredibly today, is not familiar with the series games bearing his name, but in the first tanking. In this game, which is now famous, So Jumpman, Mario opposes “Danking” “It’s actually Donking’s grandfather, Cranky, who escapes from a circus and captures Paul, who has to save Mario.

Cronky Kong is Mario’s enemy, not Donkey

Originally called Mr. Video, Shikeru Miyamoto He will be renamed Jumpman for his first appearance in Danking. A year later he will be renamed Mario in the case of Donkey Kong Jr., who will later become Nintendo’s iconic character. As for the Cranky Kong, he appears in the latest Tonking, especially the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Therefore, Donkey and Mario are not really enemies, Because the original mustache plumber villain is actually Cranky Kong. So this is a match between Mario and Donking, the latter being the grandson of Mario’s original enemy. In short, King K to Mario Cranky Kong. The rule was for donking. However, it is not excluded to see future opposition between the two mythical characters.

The first Dong Kong game was released in 1981. Nintendo has not yet officially planned anything for its oldest hero’s birthday, Unlike Zelda, it will offer a Skyward Sword remake And a game & watch for its 35th anniversary. We imagine that the news regarding Donkey may come by the end of this year.

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