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Internet via e-network

Once upon a time, Dansen of Commerce Gear did not test any gaming hardware. He later created DeVolo Magic 2. It is a WiFi repeater with powerline technology that transforms the internet through your circuit. The video tells you how it works and how fast the internet is:

The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi comes into operation later when the router WiFi is no longer adequate or the signal is too weak for some rooms in the house. With DeVolo’s Powerline technology, you distribute your WLAN to all the rooms in the house through the electrical network.

You can understand the system and install it easily. On delivery you will get LAN adapter, WiFi adapter, LAN cable and guide. All you have to do is plug the LAN adapter into a outlet and connect it to your router using the LAN cable. The Internet has already been sent via your e-connection. In the next step, you can plug the WiFi adapter into a store of your choice. Ideally, this socket LAN adapter should be on the same power network.

The WiFi adapter now creates the WiFi network you inserted. You can connect to this network with the device you want and you are good to go. The password can be found on the back of the WiFi adapter. It’s easy, isn’t it?


Our Danson hardware tester then grabbed the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi and tried it for you. According to the manufacturer, the Devolo network reaches a transfer rate of up to 2400 Mbit / s. Donson’s Internet connection, he tests the device and handles 500 Mbit / s download and 50 Mbit / s download. Theoretically, he should make full use of his line with Magic 2.

Unfortunately, Danson lost some momentum during the test.

Without the Magic 2 WiFi, that is, only through its normal router, Donson achieves around 250 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for uploading with his smartphone. With the Magic 2 WiFi installed and then connected, his smartphone can reach download speeds of around 130Mbps and 25Mbps.

Compared to the direct connection to the router, it lost a little speed. It should not be like that. That’s why he asked DeVolo. Apparently, Danson is doing experiments in an old building and the electrical connections there are getting old, so the powerline technology is losing momentum.

Other than that, with the WiFi adapter, he still had a stable network where he could browse without interruption. Even with the limit, it still had enough bandwidth to browse, watch YouTube videos, watch Netflix series or play online games. Devolo Magic 2 does what it takes to trigger the old line.

Devolo Magic 2 on mesh wifi and software

With the following Magic 2 WiFi, you can also create a mesh WiFi network. To do this, connect the LAN adapter to your router, just like with simple networking. You can now distribute multiple WiFi adapters around the house. Each of these adapters extends the WiFi network you can connect to. So you have a strong network connection throughout the house. Of course, the LAN adapter and the WiFi adapter must be connected to the same power network.

Mesh networks are possible with Magic 2.

Although there are many WiFi adapters, they make a great synchronous network for talking. For you, this is an advantage that you only need to connect once, and you will always be connected to an adapter with a strong connection. This way you will always get strong contact when you move around the house or office.

In addition to hardware, DeVolo also offers downloadable software for your smartphone home network application. With this, you can find out which adapters are on your network or rename the adapters and networks and change their passwords. We would have liked some more features like speed reduction for some adapters or the ability to turn off the adapters.


I’m very excited about the technology behind the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi. With Powerline technology, you can send your Internet connection via electronic network. While it is a shame to lose some speed with older power networks, the Magic 2 WiFi still gave us a stable WiFi network with enough speed for gaming and office.

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