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International Space Station: We explain why Thomas Baskett could not return there at the end of his mission

International Space Station: We explain why Thomas Baskett could not return there at the end of his mission

The end of Thomas Baskett’s second mission to the International Space Station is fast approaching. However, the French can no longer return to the ISS ship: La Debach to Midi explains why.

He has not yet left the International Space Station, and many enthusiasts are already thinking about Thomas Baskett returning to Earth orbit. Can the French astronaut return to the ISS after his second mission?

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This Saturday night from November 6 to Sunday the French hero must return to the soil of our planet: this visit was postponed due to a “minor medical problem” of one of the team members. Thomas Baskett and the crew members who arrived at the International Space Station on April 23 will be in orbit for a total of more than six months. The Frenchman made several voyages aboard the ship (which was more of an extra vehicle) and took command of the space station for several weeks.

New missions on earth

In 2017, at the end of his first stay at the International Space Station, the astronaut did not hide his desire to return to the ISS. At the end of this second mission, Thomas Peskett could not reaffirm this ambition: the French could not return to the International Space Station. And for good reason, the European Space Agency limits access to the ISS to a maximum of two astronauts. The French hero would thus have fulfilled his assignment.

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Thomas Baskett and his crew will be rescued at sea by NASA. They will then be taken to Houston (Texas) for biological testing. The French astronaut is expected to visit the European Space Agency in Cologne, Germany for at least three weeks. His work with the International Space Station does not stop there: the French still have a lot of work to do in connection with his experiments on the International Space Station.