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Intel Made GTA V Photovoltaics Using Machine Learning

Intel Made GTA V Photovoltaics Using Machine Learning

Will video games finally touch the photoshoot? We can think so by watching the demonstration videos of the Intel research division presented at Viennese Fair Eurographics 2021. Not a new game or unrealistic simulation, but an improved version of the prestigious GTA V released in 2013.

Technology ” Photosynthetic expansion », A name is a bit far-fetched, which makes the initial arrangement of the machine more realistic. Very realistic: no more warm colors, harder reflections and exaggerated contrast ratios. The surfaces are very natural and smooth, but without losing their size, the lighting effects are exaggerated and the details of the panels and threads are more real.

For good reason: the image calculated by the original machine of the game goes through a plant, which uses image enhancement instructions. Algos emanating from intensive training sessions on film libraries from the real German streets. But compared to competing technologies (Vol City Views Database Type Criteria) Intel’s rendering is free of artifacts or graphical variations, as evidenced by the videos.

Videos from a running PC a Nvidia RTX3090, The world’s most powerful “consumer” GPU – Yes they are lucky to find one ! Even with this power monster, the process delays the regulation of the law by half a second. But everything can work quickly in real time.

This technology is called GPS. Runs on the side, more precisely the graphics processor cache memory, G-Buffer. Intermediate effects of all kinds A kind of intermediate zone of the “kitchen” where the calculation frames are stored and assembled. Researchers explain that methods of improving their image can be directly integrated with game providers.

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An important graphic environment for Intel

Our system can be integrated into the heart of video game engines.

S.R. Richter, H.. Abu Alhaijah and V. Golden (Intel)

This quote at the end of the article is important in today’s Intel context. Because the CPU is a giant that emphasized its graphic aspirations a bit two years ago. Big ambitions, in the eyes of laptops – Xe has already proven itself By waving AMD on SoCs – up to high performance system (Old bridge Has been finalized) as well as GPUs for gamers.

During the presentation of the first prototype of the graphics chip The “Digi-1” we discovered at CES 2020, Intel told us ” Working hand in hand with developers for a while “. Logically, many players use graphics chips – once unpopular – built on older mobile CPUs from Intel.

Also found in the video:

Also found in the video:

However, this closeness with the developers – who have every interest in improving their games, so they run on as many platforms as possible – will undoubtedly strengthen Intel in the years to come. By quickly adopting radiation-tracking cores on GPUs, First on Nvidia, Then Now by AMD, Intel can push its software bricks that are favorable to this type of unit. It is questionable to see how quickly such realistic effects will come on our daily PCs.

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