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Installation Size Small -

Installation Size Small –

Single player campaign The halo is infinite Requires 26.35 GB hard drive or SSD space. about that Size Actually reducedInstallation, Despite the high graphics quality, especially compared to the many titles launched in recent years. The data comes directly from the game’s support, which can consider final numbers before today’s launch via Twitter.

For example, we learn by installing it Campaign single player You will need 48.42 GB of space in multiplayer mode. If the multiplayer beta is already installed, it will receive a 3.97GB update, and a total of 29.83GB with about 25.86GB of additional download for the campaign.

According to David Ellis of 343 Industries, the development team has worked hard to keep the camera sizes within the range so as not to burden the cameramen’s SSDs. Especially imagine those with the Xbox S Series starting with 512GB of total space.

In the next tweet, Ellis explained that this was not just a great summary, but a very precise and dedicated technical work, without mentioning anything (he defined it as a technical magic).

For the rest, we remind you that from today the Hollow Infinite PC will be available for the Xbox Series X and S and the Xbox One family console. It was immediately launched on the Xbox Game Pass for the delight of the subscribers.

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