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Installation even on older computers

Installation even on older computers

Microsoft Announced an update Minimum hardware requirements Per Windows 11. Users will be able to install the new operating system on computers with some 7th generation Intel processors, while AMD Raison CPUs based on the Gen1 architecture will be removed from the list. Redmond has also released a new version of the tool. PC health test (PC Health Check) shows more clearly why the PC is not compatible.

Windows 11 on older computers with ISO image

Microsoft has changed the minimum hardware requirements from Windows 10 Reliability, security and compatibility With applications. After receiving a lot of reviews, Windows 11 It could not be installed on millions of computers, Redmond said Promised To test the performance of the operating system on devices with Intel 7th generation and AMD Gen1 processors.

Based on the test results, Microsoft has updated the list Support processors, Including some Intel Core Seventh Generation (X Series) And some Zion Serie W. Supports Windows 11 processor Intel Core i7-7820HQ, But only for devices with based drivers Design DCH (Declarative, compiled, hardware support applications), come to Surface Studio 2.

However, AMD processors based on the Zen1 architecture are out, soList Not updated. The new version of this PC health test (PC Integrity Test) Allows you to verify compliance with requirements. This is currently only available to members of the program Windows Insider. Microsoft has changed the message displayed by a tool that clarifies the reasons for incompatibility.

No change to other minimum requirements: 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, DirectX12 compatible GPU, UEFI Secure Boot e RPM 2.0. For incompatible computers, the best choice is Windows 10, which will continue until its support October 14, 2025.

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If the above requirements are not met, users will not receive the update Windows Update. Although Microsoft Press Release Windows 11 can be installed On older PCs with ISO image. This method is specifically designed for companies, but can be used by private users. However, reliability is not guaranteed. More devices can Security patches not received (Microsoft has not yet clarified this matter).

Must be distributed from Windows 11 October. Those inside can install New configuration 22000.168 This includes multilingual support for group chat and a new widget for Microsoft 365.