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Instagram aggiornamento

Instagram takes back its steps: the expected update will not come out

News for Instagram is taking its steps back and not releasing the long-awaited update. details

Instagram may say goodbye to the soon-to-be-updated update (Getty Images)

In recent weeks, a new project has been emphasized Instagram It seemed ready to catch on: A social network “for children”. In particular, it would have been the same site, but subject to 13 years. Functions already known by users, but with: photos, videos, stories, reels and more Higher limits for younger ones.

But something seems to have changed. A Breakfast in groups of 35 In fact, he claimed the right to Zuckerberg’s grand proposal and sent an immediate letter with an explicit request: to cancel the planned project immediately. Here are the reasons and What will happen in the future.

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Kids Instagram doesn’t see the light of day: Reasons to stop updating

Here are the reasons that led to this choice (Getty Images)

The news is not yet official, but we are close: Instagram for kids never sees the light. The update program initiated by Zuckerberg provided for the birth of a homogeneous but alternative site with greater stakes and limitations to protect users under the age of 13. Alliance with 35 groups However, he sent a letter requesting the cancellation of the plan. The reason? This application may motivate young people to view photos and moments of humiliation For your body image.

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Gathering family data and raising generations of Instagram users will also be a big deal for Facebook profitsThey pointed out – Among other things – the Africa Digital Rights Hub in Ghana, the Australian Council for Children and Media, the Digital Democracy Center in Washington and the 5 Rights Foundation in Great Britain.

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