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Insidious vulnerabilities can disable Windows

Insidious vulnerabilities can disable Windows

Security researchers warn of malicious Windows vulnerability: Clicking on a folder can confuse the file system and cause Windows to crash.

The new year begins with particular enthusiasm Windows-Week Point: Obviously a simple script will damage the NDFS file system Windows 10 To stumble. A security analyst now warns of this Twitter:

“Currently NTFS is particularly vulnerable. It doesn’t matter what folder it is or where it is. Once the file path is opened, it is a sign of a problem Hard disk Give “, in which Jonas Like writes.

Fix the problem again with CHKDSK

The security expert noticed that a specific command had messed up the Windows 10 file system. If this command is executed, an error appears that can often be corrected by an immediate restart and system repair using the Windows command line program CHKDSK.

The insidious thing about vulnerability is that it does not need to exploit any special user rights – and it can start by opening a file path: attackers can bypass the command line in the file path of the icon for a web shortcut. After searching the graphic for the Windows icon, the code is executed. The user does not have to click on the file to be affected.

The error is obviously more than two years old

Other security experts, including Will Torman of the CER, have confirmed the errorD Company. In one tweet he points out that an error can occur in many other scenes, for example, when opening a zip archive or viewing a CD image in the file manager.

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The good news is: so far, the issue seems to be resolved in most cases without lasting issues with a restart and CHKDSK run. However, the repair process does not always start automatically. If instead the error screen is displayed with various options, users should go to the command line.

Here you enter “chkdsk / f” and then press the Enter key to repair manually. In addition, there is no denying that very serious problems and data loss can occur in individual cases.

The Windows 10 version has been buggy since 1803 – thus more than two years. Has so far Microsoft However it has not been fixed yet. A spokesman told The Edge: “We know the problem and we’re going to be together. Update To release “. Microsoft did not explain when that might happen.