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Inputs in the role of authors 2021: From what rankings, who gets priority, what percentage. [SCARICA PDF e presentazione PPT]

Inputs in the role of teachers for the academic year 2021/2 will be divided into normal and extraordinary. The latter is Order Act no. 73/2021.

Normal recruitment will take place from the rankings to fatigue and from the competitive qualification rankings, while the extraordinary ones from the provincial rankings for the disabled will be established by the current school year OM n. 60/2021.

Extraordinary recruitment from the GPS First Band for teachers with at least three years of service in the last ten will only be implemented in cases where vacancies remain vacant and are available from normal entries in the role.

Attached is a PPD and a PDF document, both easy to read and a brief reminder of which rankings will be drawn, and in what order and percentages for entries in the character 2021/22.

PDF inputs in the 2021/22 character

PPT inputs in the role of 2021/22

Entries in the role of teachers 2021, a platform for selecting the province / class of the competition uploaded in online events. Guide the package

About entering the role


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