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Innovations made in the Ferrari SF21 for Imola Formula 1 GPU

Innovations made in the Ferrari SF21 for Imola Formula 1 GPU

The first GP of the season in Bahrain. Ferrari Has already shown it SF21 This is a big step up from last year and the disappointing SF1000. L ‘Update Cavalino’s single seat, however, is not yet finished and is already there Emilia Romagna’s G.P., The second round of the ongoing 2021 Formula 1 World Championships a Imola, Maranello Group has introduced some Announcements In the cars of Charles Leklerk and Carlos Science, already after the first free training sessions, gives the best results.

As for the Imola GPU, Ferrari mainly intervened Rear axle One of SF21Rear wing With spoon profile, had a more straight profile than that used in Bahrain, in order to reduce resistance in straight lines, so aThe most expelled front section. However, what is the most relevant technological innovation Diffuser Attempts were made to follow the solution adopted by McLaren on the MCL35M, which proved to be a difference in Zagir.

Discovery is about an existence New vertical profile, Better than speaker output, which splits the channel in two, thus reducing the center area Accelerate the light of the wind. Introduced in SF21 for Imola GP, this innovation is aimed at Increasing the loads generated below The result is that the wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. These changes seem to have given Ferrari the benefits it had already hoped for in the first free training sessions, where both Leklerk and Science used speed and lap times.

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