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Nintendo is investing a lot in the succession of the switch

Nintendo is investing a lot in the succession of the switch

Nintendo spends a lot of money on research and development. In addition to games, this also applies to the heir of the switch.

According to the company’s latest financial statements, Nintendo spent $ 880 million on research and development (R&D) in the last fiscal year, more than ever before. Most of them go into software development, but during an investor meeting, Nintendo said it would invest in both online infrastructure and the next platform, which would be another traditional system that integrates hardware and software.

“We’m still in the middle of the switch cycle, so software and outsourcing costs for the switch are increasing, which is a key factor. “We are also investing online. Although we are halfway through the switch cycle, there is a need to invest in the next platforms where hardware and software integration will continue.”

Nintendo is a Japanese manufacturer of video games and game consoles. However, Nintendo was founded by Pusajir Yamawuchi in Kyoto in 1889, and the company still exists today.

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