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Spaceflight Simulator

In Space: Nintendo Switch – Space Travel Simulator for Endeavor Announced

Announced by Slovenian developer Stefo Mai Morozna Space flight simulator IM 2022 Spring For Nintendo Switch and PC. So far, the simulation is only available on the respective App Stores on iOS and Android devices. In space travel simulator you build your own rocket with the aim of exploring all corners of the universe. The game uses Physical lawe Thus creating a realistic simulation of space travel.

There are no limits when building a rocket – a wide variety of components are available, such as engine, payload or other components important for space travel. Recreates well-known missiles from SpaceX, Apollo missions or NASA possibility. Waiting with someone in the space travel simulator Scale solar system In it you can find planets like Venus or Mars with its two moons. From now on Announcement trailer Can create the game’s own image:

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Source: StridePR Newsletter

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