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Improvement Environments: Extends functionality for the recharger and rider C # 9

Improvement Environments: Extends functionality for the recharger and rider C # 9

Jet Princes has released its .NET development tools Ryder and Recharger. Both the former standalone IDE and the post-Visual Studio post-plugin extend the handling of the C # 9. Tools also come with additional formats for linking columns of code. Rider also expands contacts with Docker and generates appropriate ASP.NET code upon request.

Rider and Reshore are getting new code formats Assemble in form. Among other things, zero tests can be combined with other tests ifSimplify the steps by combining the terms. Tools can also use the reconfiguration method var (a,b) Assemble in full form.

Extends functionality for JetBrain logs to C # 9.0: Restore Extraction interface And Extract the super glass Now work with registration notifications. There are also new studies designed for records. Takes place with the rest Unnecessary ‘registration’ type notification body A blank type declaration body, and the rapid debugging associated with it replaces it with a semicolon.

Action Per class Converts a log into a class, taking care of the status parameters and the primary builder. The other way can be done round to record Turn a class into a record.

Ryder and Reshore are bringing additional adjustments to the logs in the C # 9.

(Image: Jet Prince)

Additionally, labeled duplicates can be renamed using Reset and temporary variables can be replaced with inline values. Finally, there is a function to change !Experiments by transparency not-Type tests.

The rider development environment extends the link to the docker. Developers can use their existing projects Add | Toker support Add a Toker file. You will find an option to create a file in the New Project dialog for new projects. Anyone who has already created Toker files for projects in Visual Studio can now use them in Rider.

Rider can create docker files for new and existing projects.

(Image: Jet Prince)

Ryder also provides scaffolding for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API and razor pages for applications that rely on the ASP.NET core. Provides scaffolding for rider parts, controllers, razor pages, displays and labels and generates corresponding boiler code. Set up under the IDE hood den dotnet aspnet-codegenerator.

Additional details such as interactive troubleshooting tips in Ryder can be found here Blog posts about Rider And Remove ReSharper.


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