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CCleaner 5.77: Stops update crashes

CCleaner 5.77: Stops update crashes

Users of the popular CCleaner should install the update now.

D.CCleaner from his software manufacturer Preform is one of the favorite projects of computer built readers. Not surprisingly: the program throws up junk data, which accumulates automatically over time, never from the hard disk. This is an important part of protecting the privacy of many people, as it eliminates the discourse symptoms of software use. Version 5.76 After fixing several issues in mid-January 2021 and providing a cleanup module for CCleaner, the new version 5.77 only has an optimization ?? But it has it all. Current versions can be found in the Downloads section of System Build:

75 Project

Remove junk, delete and more

CCleaner 5.77: The cause of the accident has been fixed

Anyone who uses the CCleaner cleaning program particularly seriously may already be aware of the bug that has now been fixed. As Preform announced, a quick navigation via the options menu in particular could lead to the crash of the program, or CCleaner no longer responding. With the update to version 5.77 this malicious program bug will be removed in the software area. As stated in it Release Notes The manufacturer wants to provide the update to all users in the next few days through the update function. To get there quickly, use the downloads above this paragraph.

CCleaner Professional brings updates automatically

Generally, automatic updates are not available on the free version of CCleaner. Users of the version will need to reinstall the program once a month depending on the update status. If you want to get automatic updates, you need the CCleaner Professional variant, which also provides additional automation functions for data cleaning. Through the link above you can get a regular plan that costs 25 euros with a discount of 25 euros.

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