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Virus found in Chinese online test |  Forum

Virus found in Chinese online test | Forum

2 posts from November 12, 2015

To take the online HSK1 exam (minimum level Chinese) at Confucius Institute in Germany, you must go
Download the selection method (70MB zip-file).
Failed to unlock virus scanner activation (GData).
Using Android, we were able to find the “HSKExamclient.exe” file containing the virus “Bulz.425407” or at least part of it (many virus scanners on agreed, and provided some other virus names).
The question I asked Confucius gave the following answer:

– “
We have already inquired about this at the examination center. According to the exam center, there is no virus in this program. But it has been downloaded thousands of times around the world. Also the virus scanner raises the alarm because of it. It is recommended to turn off the virus scanner.

Is there any way to check if this file actually contains only virus fragments?
I really don’t want to turn off the virus scanner!
Or is this virus “really dangerous”?

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