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Impressive Crimson Desert again shows itself in video |  Xbox One

Impressive Crimson Desert again shows itself in video | Xbox One

Crimson Desert Next year will definitely be a game to watch! Pearl Abyss’s game was originally scheduled for release in late 2021, but was postponed to an unknown date last July. We invite you to wait a while and find the new video of the game.

Particle effects are numerous

The video was released in late November, but has gone under the radar to this day. We see the game in the game, but we also see the demo of the evolution of the seasons in the game with a landscape under a big blue sky, which gradually turns into rain.

Technically impressive in the first videos already released Since last year, This game shows us once again that it handles particle effects wonderfully. Traces of snow and other leaves flying along a path in the forest, many small details that often fly when falling on them.

This technique is not everything in a game and we need to see what happens in the history of the game and the game, but when we look at what developers have been able to do with Black Desert Online, developers can be developers. Quality game. Originally planned as MMORPG, the Crimson Desert became an “action-adventure game with online features” at launch. Announcement of Sports Awards 2020. See you in the game again next week Sports Awards 2021 Festival ? Visit Xboxygen on the night of December 9 to find out!