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Important vulnerability in Google Chrome is closed

Important vulnerability in Google Chrome is closed

Google sealed a total of 26 security leaks on the standard channel Chrome version 97.0.4692.99 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Newer versions of Windows and Mac also have an extended standard channel, which is more designed for corporate use and receives fewer updates.

As usual, Google has a low profile with information and details about closed spaces. The company listed only 22 of the 26 vulnerabilities. One of them gets a risk assessment. “Important“And is about safe browsing, which warns against visiting malicious websites or downloading malware.

Of the generally listed vulnerabilities, Google ranked 16 more “High“Risk. The most common are” post-free “issues with usage, such as the use of pointers or parts of memory that have already been published. This can often be misused to execute the encrypted code.Middle“.

Google will automatically distribute updates to the web browser. According to Notice on Google Chrome Release Blog To be done in the coming days. Instead of a three-point menu, Chrome displays an icon at the top right of the navigation bar that prompts the user to restart the browser.

Users, administrators and IT managers should not wait for at least one of the vulnerabilities to affect the default browser option. Users can trigger the update manually by clicking on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, going to “Help” and then clicking on “About Google Chrome”. If the browser is already up to date, the dialog only shows the current version number. Otherwise, the download and installation of the new version will begin later; Finally, the button that appears will ask you to restart your browser.

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